What are some basic C language questions for an interview?


How do I prepare to answer questions related to C language for placements?

This Video will help you recall some of the important questions related to C language just before the placement season begins.

The questions generally asked in the interviews wrt C as a language are the ones regarding comparison between C C++ and Java.
All they try to check is your concept clearance regarding OOPS and procedural programming, i.e. your C.
Data Structures is another strong aspect of an interview, & if you are mentioning C in your CV, DS should definitely be your thing.

More primarily if we talk about C,
The major knowledge must be held regarding the power of the main(). So the questions in interviews also double check how deeply you understand the main(), its strength & it’s shortcomings.

You should have a clear concept regarding what actually is your Top down approach and Bottom up approach, & make sure you know where C lies 😉