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TCS Interview Experience,Indore, 8th October 2016

This TCS Interview Experience posted by Aakash Soni

Hello, everyone, I’m Aakash. TCS come to our college IES IPS Academy, Indore only for written test on 22nd September. Most of the online written test questions were from IndiaBix, you wouldn’t believe if I told you that. I have practiced a lot, that even after seeing an answer I would tell you what the question is. So, do prepare well, and make it count 5-6 before the written test.

The written test result declared after exactly one week on 29th September, and they cleared only 33 students out of 289 eligible students of the college. I’m one of the 33 students, feels good.

After that, they schedule Personal Interview on 8th October. As they have cleared only 33 students from the college, so they pooled different colleges for the personal interview in our college. So a total of 139 students were there for the interview.

So, the timing is sharp 8:00 am, the process consist of PPT (pre-placement talk), technical interview, MR and HR.

But due to lack of time, they did not conduct PPT. I got a call for the technical interview at 11:07 a.m exactly.

There are some of the questions that they ask:

Q – question  A – answer

Important note: TCS wants the confident students, that’s it.

Q- Tell me something about yourself apart from this resume.
A- Tell about the native place, its specific if any, then your family, parents occupation, some achievement, role model (who, why), philosophy of life.

Q- Are you comfortable with writing program?
A- Yes, never say no!

Q- Write a program that will print odd number in descending order from 1-10.
A – Written.

Q- Are you OK with hardware part of the computer?
A- Yes.

Q- Types of hard disk?
A- First, I go for ROM, EPROM, EEPROM, PLA. But then remember, oh sorry sir, it’s SATA and I forget he say okk.

Q- Other than INTEL, who else manufacture processor?
A- AMD, IBM’s Robikcx.

Q- Latest version of INTEL processor?
A- i7 7th generation.

Q- How many languages you are comfortable with?
A- C, C++, Java, Python.

Q- Explain your project.
A- Explained, always remember that you should deal with PREP (what is, idea, example, solution provided).

Q- Favorite subject?

Q- Write a query to find nth largest salary in the employee table.
A- Select distinct (salary) from employee order by salary desk limit 0, n.

Q- What is DML, DDL?
A- Explained.

Q- What is the difference between delete and truncate?
A- Explained.

Q- What is deadlock and blocking with respect to the transaction?
A- I only know deadlock, so I say sorry sir, I am unable to recall blocking.

Q- Any question you wanted to ask?
A- Asked about their Delivery model Global something-something. do your proper homework for TCS.

My technical interview ends up in 1 hour.

The list came in, I have been selected for HR round.

Got call at 1:39 pm.

Good afternoon mam,
Sit down,

Q- What’s your CT number?
A- Told, I remember actually but you can seek through your application form.

Q- OK, Aakash, whose your best friend?
A- Mam, I have many, but Ashwin more is one of my best.

Q- Suppose Aakash, If Ashwin were to describe you in front of me, how it is like and describe in at least 2 minute?
A- Role play, I am Ashwin now. Always frame the sentence well. tell your achievement first and then strength and some weakness as well. Believe me, 2 minutes is a huge quantity.

Q- How would you rate your communication out of 10?
A- 6.75, how precise is that.

Q- How you will upgrade your communication skills?
A- By reading novel, English newspaper. watching Hollywood movie.

She replied I wouldn’t give more than 6. She advises me to join some communication classes. I said ok, I will.

Result declared on 11th October at 10:32 am.

I got selected for the software developer. Out of 33 students of our college, only 20 students are making their way on.

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