How to prepare for product based companies??


How can you be placed in a product-based company if you are currently working in a service-based company?

Here is the answer-

Work on a side-project, open source it and upload it on GitHub. It could be a web app, a mobile app or a library or anything else that interests you. Ensure that your best work is showcased.

Be active on StackOverflow. Monitor your favourite tags daily and answer questions and ask interesting questions yourself.

Work on your algorithms/data structures and problem solving skills.

Start a technical blog explaining interesting challenges you come across when doing the above.

Be awesome at your current job.  Your new employer will speak to your previous managers and team. If your manager knows that you’re looking for new opportunities and yet you’re performing at a high level, they’ll provide you a good reference.

Allocate at least a couple of hours on weekdays to further your self-improvement and one day of the weekend, irrespective of how hard you need to work on your day job.

Add links to all these efforts in your resume/cover letter.

Follow the product companies you aspire to work for and mail the founders or an important employee directly on how you can contribute to the company.

You’ll be inundated with interview calls!