How should one prepare for a campus placement?


I guess selection process is same for almost all the companies.

First aptitude round and then N-no. of Technical Interviews and finally HR round.

Aptitude Test

This test is composed of objective questions. Most of the time subjects that are covered in this test are Quantitative aptitude, DS, OS, CN and DB/SQL. Some companies have different sections for the different subject and have the sectional  cut-off to clear the test. A lot of potential people face problem in clearing this round. Keep it in mind you have to clear this round to prove your technical skills, no matter technically how strong you are.

Technical Interviews

Candidate will be interviewed by an interview panel of 1 or more people. Mostly panel consist of two people. Panel tests you on skills and subjects as per the position or domain. TE mini project plays the major role during interviews. They will ask you to the idea, implementation, DB design and do some cross questioning.

At the end of each interview round, the panel will ask you if you have any question. Ask the questions specific to work/technology. Like, For which position you are recruiting, technologies used or any doubt you have.

Most of the time after these rounds, those who all got through will be asked to stay back.

HR Round

This is a formal talk with HR person. They will explain pay package, perks, facilities etc. they will ask you if you have any questions. Feel free to ask and clear your all doubts. Very rarely I have seen somebody rejected in HR round. Some companies don’t have separate HR round, they will cover it in Technical rounds itself.

Apart from this, some companies do have other rounds like GD and Coding Round.

Subjects to be Focused

Data Structure and Algorithm
Operating System
Computer Network

Apart from these subjects, as per the company domain, the position they are recruiting for, subjects, skills and proficiency they want might change.

If I am not wrong, I guess IBM Global, Protovity, Zycus and ThoughtWorks have group discussion as part of their process.

Some companies have very different aptitude round, some allow you to solve questions of the programming language of your choice, some will have puzzles and problem solving in their aptitude test.

And last, but not the least, NEVER, I repeat, NEVER judge a person by his/her salary package. Because that would simply take you down a path where you would get stuck throughout your life.
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