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All that you need to know about HeroCoLabs Xdrags Game Development Challenge

Hero MotoCorp is excited to announce yet another challenge under its renowned initiative, HeroCoLabs. HeroCoLabs Xdrag Game Development Challenge will put the participants through multiple rounds to gauge their imagination, creativity, and game development skills.

If you think your game can make you reach the finish line first, this challenge is for you.

Go beyond the ordinary!

Drag racing is one of the most popular and most entertaining type of motor racing in which motorcycles (usually specially prepared for the purpose) compete, usually two at a time, to be first to cross a set finish line.

Challenge Brief:

THE TASK: Use your imagination and creativity to develop the Motorbike Drag Racing Game.

Xtreme 160R | Overview

  • Hero Xtreme 160R is a Go Boom streetfighter, the fastest in the segment, with 0-60 kmph in 4.7 sec.
  • The light weight of the bike makes it the perfect, lean and agile machine for quick drag and even cornering while ensuring complete safety for the riders with its Side Stand Engine cut-off and Bank angle sensor.
  • The All LED package with Droid Headlamps and inverted LCD console just raised the tech bar.

1. Game Play –

  • Goal: To win the drag race!
  • Game Mechanics: What tools or skills are needed to master the game you develop
    • Option for Setting up the bike for the participants so that it is best for Drag racing such as Power to weight ratio, chassis, tire pressure, riding posture, suspension, quick shifter…
    • Weather conditions
    • Mechanic of gear shifting, release of clutch, throttle of combination of these
    • Different types of Track, but length restricted to two at best, i.e., (quarter mile & 100 m)
    • Time measurement in terms of seconds or milliseconds
    • Earns Points & redeem those points in setting up the bike or buying weight reduction packs & other ways to sup up your bike
    • Championship for National Drag race champion
    • Performance to be defined by Gear shift timing, acceleration & Clutch release
    • Burn out option
    • Any other (You may want to benchmark with real drag racing elements)
    • Online feature, so that players can, at any break, just hop on the game and compete with another player from anywhere in the world
  • Levels and Challenges: How players can unlock new missions or levels and what tools they will need to catch up with the game.
  • Losing: Define the losing conditions for the game. Is it because of time, accident, out of fuel, or something else?

2. Graphic and Styling –

  • The overall gaming experience is a lot about the quality of graphics and how impactful is your game environment.
  • Talk about how your game will look like for e.g.:
    • Motorcycle (only Xtreme 160R) and rider should look great…bright colors, super models, options to choose from different riding gears…
    • Weather conditions
    • Crowd cheering visuals which gives great feeling to the rider
    • Start & end of race with Christmas light
    • Divider sponsorship road has to be Hero
    • View of the Tachometer
    • How to choose and set up the bike from all elements in stock
    • Anything else…

3. Music & Sound Effects –

  • Describe the kind of music and sound effects that you want to add to your game, which will add as much to the overall player’s experience as the visuals and graphics
  • Sounds to pump up the participants, such as –
    • Throttle sound
    • Gear changing sound
    • Burnout sound
    • Crowd cheering sound
  • Anything else…

4. Storyline if any –

Key Deliverables: 

  • Stage 1
    1. Detailed Idea on the Game & Game mechanics
  • Stage 2
    1. Presentation with 3-D rendered Visuals from the game
    2. Video of the working Prototype Game

Challenge Guidelines: 

  • Participants can register in a team size of 1, 2, or max. 3

Competition Stages: 

  • Presentation Submission Round
    • Participants need to submit a detailed Presentation on the Idea of the Game & Game mechanics.
  • Prototype Submission Round
    • Teams shortlisted for Round 1 (from both the tracks – quarter mile or 100 m) need to submit a 3-min video of the working prototype of the game.
    • Teams will also be submitting a presentation with 3-D rendered Visuals from the game.

Guidelines for Video Submission:

  1. The video should be in .mp4 format only.
  2. The file size of the video should not exceed 15 MB.
  3. No special characters in the video file name apart from _ (underscore)

Rewards and Prizes:

  • National Winner: Xtreme 160R ‘STEALTH EDITION‘ + INR 20,000 worth Amazon Pay Voucher
  • 1st Runner Up: Xtreme 160R + INR 5,000 worth Amazon Pay voucher
  • 2nd Runner Up: Xtreme 160R

What are the important dates & deadlines?
– Registration Deadline: 05 Dec’21 11:59 PM IST

Apply Link- Click Here to Apply For HeroCoLabs Xdrags Game Development Challenge

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