What is the difference between On Campus and the Off Campus placement? | Off Campus Meaning | What is Off Campus placement

There is very simple and clear difference between off campus and on campus placement.

ON Campus – These are organised by a particular college or university and in this a pre-defined group of colleges can participate. In this type, mostly a placement cell is responsible for arranging the placement drive in a college and then all the students eligible, belonging to the pre-defined limited colleges can appear for the selection therefore , a limited competition is there. And you just have to prepare a test format specific for a specific company so it’s much easier than off campus.

Off Campus – In this type , mainly your college is not involved in your placement as you can apply and participate directly to the placements organised by some MNC’s and sometimes by colleges also. You should fulfill the eligibility criteria(no need from which college you belong) and thus anyone fulfilling eligibility criteria can appear in these type of placements therefore a healthy competition is there and companies also get good opportunity to select the best ones. Some times you have to clear a level 0 test like AMCAT, eLitmus etc. to get involve in these sorts of placements.

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The Quality Factor

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The thing about off campus placements is that, the sheer amount of competition, people with niche skills will apply, In my view, during on campus placements the diversity of people quality will not differ much barring a very few percentage of the total strength(these are the people that get easily placed in companies with more than 8 LPA(this varies from college to college and this is from my college).

There are also instances where you know a guy who is not that competent but got placed in a better package than you and your friends who are better competent, just because he had a bit of luck. These instances will make you feel bad

On contrast in off campus placements you might never know who is the topper or the quality of the people attending the placements, people might be with top notch quality as said in the first instance or less competent as in
the second instance, but you never know, hence it’s not only important to give your best, but giving something that will make the employer choose you over the others(Yes being choosy about attending the kind of interviews is an art and it should be practiced for an off campus placement)

The Quantity Factor

After quality, now coming to quantity, off campus placements are very massive as compared to any on campus placements.
(in very rare cases if your college is really big enough then some off campus placements might seem small, but this isn’t the real story, when such small off campuses takes place the company will consolidate the results of 2 or 3 such off campuses and hire people).
This might scare you initially but remember the quality factor may come to your aid if you are really good enough

MoU Factor

Most private Universities and good chunk of engineering colleges have inked MoUs with a single company or utmost 2 companies, thus if you are good enough with your communication skills and is decent in academics there is a higher possibility of getting placed in that particular company with which your college has an MoU(to be particular there is an advantage in terms of the recruiter relaxing the marks in the initial written examination and the panel might be lenient in Personal Interviews).

But all this does not simply work out in off campuses, the recruiter is quite strict with the quality of written test,the interviewers are in most cases ruthless, if they don’t find what they expect, they may simply reject everybody(they don’t care about numbers since they are not bound by any MoUs with the candidate, if it is even 1 or 0, they don’t mind,as repeated what they expect is quality factor required for the job).

Apart from all these there are the Bias factor common to both on campus and off campus.
Just be bubbling with confidence and choose your company in off campuses wisely, do not give a reason for the recruiter to reject you whether it be on campus or off campus, beat yourself continuously.

What is the syllabus for Off Campus /On Campus aptitude test?

We have already seen the test pattern for most of the placement exams. It consists of three sections – Quant, Logic and Verbal ability.

Quant consists of basic math-related questions, logical reasoning section consists of puzzles and questions which are related to your thought process and logic while Verbal ability section test your English knowledge.

How to prepare for Off Campus/ On Campus Placement exam?

Below are the tips to prepare for each section.

Tips to prepare for Quant section:

  1. If you are preparing quant for the first time and want to build up your concepts then start from R.S Agarwal book of Quantitative Aptitude. Go through all your chapters & practice all the questions. After solving this book for one week you will start realizing that you are grasping the concepts. Once your concepts are build up then start practicing short quizzes.
  2. Start with easy topics – Percentages, Averages, Simplification (BODMAS rule), Ratio and Proportion, Interest.

After easy topics, go to the moderate topics like time, speed and distance, profit and loss, number series, data interpretation and finally move on to the difficult topics such as algebra, geometry, trigonometry.

Tips to prepare for Reasoning section:

  1. Easy topics – classification and analogies, syllogism and verbal analogies.
  2. Moderate topics – Blood relations, data sufficiency, seating arrangement (linear or circular).
  3. Difficult/Tricky topics – coding and decoding, non-verbal reasoning, puzzles, etc.
  4. There are shortcut tricks to solve reasoning questions. So practice is the only key to solve these kind of questions.

Tips to prepare for Verbal Ability section:

  1. Make your reading speedy to the maximum. It will help you to completely solve reading comprehension related questions.
  2. Topics to cover – Tenses, Articles, Prepositions, Subject Verb Agreement, Parallelism, Degrees of Comparison, Sentence Construction, Phrasal Verbs, Pronouns, Adverbs, Non-Finite Verbs, Common Errors, etc.
  3. Error-spotting is to find out the errors in grammar section. Even if you are well-versed with English, you sometimes end up making the silliest of errors in grammar. It is just a matter of practice!
  4. Having a good vocabulary is beneficial. Work on building your vocabulary, as it will be useful for multiple topics in the English section.
  5. There are no straightforward techniques for jumbling questions. Figure out your own method that suits you best.
  6. Ensure you are familiar with the parts of speech since they are the basic blocks guaranteeing a proper structure to any sentence.

Hope you understood the difference between Off Campus and On Campus Placement.

All the best for your career!

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