Coders Should Apply To These Top 5 High-Paying Tech Companies In 2022

According to Glassdoor, Coders earn an average income of INR 4 LPA per year. This is simply an average, and some of the best-paying organizations pay more than twice that to hire new developers. Factors including location, specialization, and pay negotiation may all have a significant impact on your earning potential.

Participating in a coding competition may help you hone your abilities, build a niche, and position yourself for a six-figure income as a coder. Professionals who want to improve their skills may also take advantage of online part-time coding courses that fit their schedules.

While you’re a fresh coder or a seasoned software engineer, knowing which organizations pay their coders well is beneficial regardless of your level of expertise. So, which firms should you keep an eye on, and which are recognized for their competitive remuneration packages? Here are ten organizations that pay code developers the most competitively.

1. Google

Google is one of the top firms for programmers or the highest-paying tech corporations that encourages young and skilled programmers. The smartest and brightest are hired by Google with a starting salary of INR 1.5 Cr per year.

2. Walmart

Walmart pays budding software engineers big salaries: starting from INR 23 LPA. The company also provides employment opportunities via online competitions, including that of Walmart CodeHers, where female coders across India are encouraged to register for one of the biggest coding hackathons in the nation.

3. Apple

It’s no secret that Apple is a hotbed for software engineering graduates looking for work. Apple has come to characterize the first decade of the twenty-first century as a global cultural leader. As a developer, you may expect a salary between INR 1-2 Cr, depending on your level of expertise.

4. Microsoft

Microsoft offers competitive pay and benefits, interesting work, and the opportunity to work with some of the best minds in the business. The company is a renowned place to start your career as a programmer since it is one of the top technological firms in the world.

Since 2017, hackathons like Innovaccer’s HackerCamp, powered by Microsoft, an annual event designed to establish a coding culture and reward innovation. With its 6th edition going live, the IT firm aims to welcome a huge footfall of coders and programmers from all over India to showcase their revolutionary solutions in the healthcare sector and book a seat amongst 250 interview opportunities at Microsoft.

5. Juspay

Juspay is exceptionally a good place to grow as a programmer. You’ll get to do something you’re passionate about while earning a great salary. The company’s reputation for achieving work-life harmony is a big hit.

Juspay’s Hiring Challenge 2022 opens the company doors for budding programmers who have the zeal to create an efficient and seamless payment system, wherein winners will get a whopping salary of INR 21-27 LPA.

Take note of the firms that might supply you with generous compensation. Nevertheless, the highest-paying firms differ according to your position. Note this. When it comes to starting salary, Lyft and Pinterest are among the best places to work if you’re just starting out. But, if you’re a mid-career software engineer, firms like Netflix, Salesforce and Adobe can give you high packages.

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