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Are you looking for a good job? Having a good job is everyone’s dream but the vision and the way to achieve it is a big struggle. One of the ways to achieve your dream job is ‘AMCAT‘, have you ever heard of this? if not here we go…..

1. What is AMCAT?

Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test(AMCAT) is a test to evaluate a candidate’s skills such as aptitude skills,reasoning skills,technical skills and mental ability skills. AMCAT is an adaptive test, are you familiar with adaptive test? if not, now you will get to know.An adaptive test gets harder and easier based on the answer given to the previous question. If you answer a question correct, you get a tougher question and if you answer a question wrong the next question becomes easier and your score depends on level of questions you attempt correctly.

2. Who are eligible to take AMCAT test?

Any Under Graduate or Post Graduate degree candidates who have completed their education or in the final year of their course can write AMCAT.

3. How frequently AMCAT test is being conducted?
AMCAT test is conducted every month in 30+ cities with various time slots on Saturdays and Sundays.

4. What is the syllabus for AMCAT test?
AMCAT has 3 compulsory modules and maximum two Optional modules.
Compulsory Modules:

  • English Comprehension – 900 Marks
  • Quantitative ability – 900 Marks
  • Logical Ability – 900 Marks

5. What is the duration of test?
The Duration of the exam will be held for 3 hours. The Question Paper consists of questions in the Objective type. There is no negative marking for this test.

6. How much AMCAT test costs?
Candidates need to pay Rs. 900 + service tax to take this test.

7. How many times can I appear for AMCAT?
Candidates can appear 4 times for this test and should have atleast 3 months gap before attempting next time.

8. What are the companies which recognize the AMCAT scores ?
More than 700+ companies are hiring freshers/job seekers for entry level jobs including MNCs.More than one and a half lakhs of candidates who have taken this AMCAT are called for interviews and out of those many of them are getting employed.
These are the major types of companies which consider AMCAT score for candidate’s selection.

  • IT Product Companies
  • IT Service Companies
  • Financial Institutions
  • Automobile Companies
  • Telecommunication Companies
  • Corporate Companies

9. What is the best time to take AMCAT test?
The best time to take this test is NOW, prepare and take the test as soon as possible.

10. Where can I get sample papers?
AMCAT provides few sample questions in each module. Click Here to view sample questions.

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11. The advantage of taking Amcat Exam?

Amcat has been a good way for students from low tier colleges in India to get a good job outside the campus. However, it regularly used by IIT’s, BIT’s and VIT etc which are topmost colleges for campus recruitment option for various companies visiting their campus.

12. The Disadvantage of taking Amcat Exam?

Amcat has degraded the quality of jobs with time and totally concerned about selling their digital products to earn money. When you book a slot for Amcat, their sales team keep on calling you(irritate you at extreme level) again and again till you won’t buy their worthless digital products. So, better go for other alternative exams like Elitmus, Cocubes etc.

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