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9 Best Preparation Tips To Crack UPSC Civil Service Examination

It has always been a tough job for IAS aspirants to choose the correct time and procedure  to prepare for the UPSC exam.

The major pitfall of this exam is that it covers vast syllabus and needs more precise way of preparation. There are millions of texts informing about the best mechanism to prepare for IAS because of which aspirants end up getting confused with how to embrace any of the mentioned formulas for their preparation.

To conquer such confusion we have come up with some filtered and potent 10 points which will certainly lay down a strong foundation for your target exam.

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Start preparing ASAP!

If you’re college student and planning for UPSC, set your goals and start preparing immediately. Do not wait for the right time, seize the day and work it right because preparing for UPSC along with college is super beneficial. You have habit of writing and learning and that is what this exam demands. Young minds are more sharpened and foster process of learning stuff.

The eligibility criteria for UPSC civil service exam is 21 years and a graduation in any subject. Well, final years student are also eligible to sit in the exam.  Do not miss the opportunity of starting early.  If you start early, you would be there living your dreams at a very young age without compromising the half of your life in giving exams. There should be no second thoughts of preparing for UPSC after years of graduating.

  1. Know the syllabus and basics of Exam
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Sometimes we indulge ourselves so much in to the studies that we do not take out time to know what exactly we should learn and what are the basic rules that we should follow while doing preparation. It is extremely important to know the procedure of exam, its syllabus, pattern of the question paper and new updates regarding syllabus etc.

Aspirants, keep a check on the syllabus. Remember, time is very much precious, do not waste it by studying irrelevant matter. Know what UPSC asks!  Jot down whole syllabus on a paper and keep revising it every day so that when you learn something you promptly get to know if it is apt or not.

On top of that, be aware of the types of paper that comes under UPSC. Basically, there are two papers; prelims and mains. So know the difference between these two, their syllabus and pattern. Scrutinize both the papers and study accordingly.

  1. Don’t procrastinate.

‘What may be done at any time will be done at no time.’

Check your priorities and look up to them wisely. Do not fall in to the trap of delaying work.  It’s your time and your dreams. Do not get stuck in useless work and put studies for the next day.  Do only what is extremely important. Dedicate a full year for UPSC and be consistent.

  1. Make a time-table

Make a time-table and stick to it. Develop a routine and make it your habit. Study according to your time table for having a good orderliness in your preparation. When you do same things on a daily basis, not only you get used to it but also you will generate interest and this interest is going to pave the path of success. Forthwith, making a time-table urges you to do stuff within a particular time and if you are determinant you are gonna do that without any delay.

  1. Buy the most recommended books

Books are indeed an indispensable part of studies. Besides the matter present online, aspirants must keep some highly acclaimed books needed for the preparation on their study table. Go to internet and search for the important books on a legit website or on you tube channel. Listen what toppers are recommending. Keep in mind that NCERTs are oxygen for IAS aspirants. Read them thoroughly with expertise.

  1. Read newspapers and magazines

Current affairs cover the half of the part of UPSC exam. Aspirants must develop a habit of reading to have updates about the happenings and buzz across the world. Read newspaper daily even if you are running short of time. Newspaper- reading gives productive results as it provides you with a lot of information about everything that assuredly will come in exam.

And once you set the habit of reading, you will find it interesting. Read The Hindu or The Indian Express as they are more legit and deliver precise content with explicit facts and data. So, read daily! Read efficaciously!

  1. Do Mock tests and previous year question papers

Treat the mock test as if it is the actual UPSC exam and focus  more on the errors in these tests so that you can prepare accordingly.  Giving mock test would sum up your whole preparation and give you the feedback and inform you about your laggings.  Try various set of mock tests from different institutions to have practice and idea of different patterns of paper. By this you will be able to understand difficult topics as well. And do not get stressed if you get low marks.

Take a glance at previous  year question papers and check what UPSC asks often. Focus on that part of syllabus more and note down  the frequently asked questions. Scan last year papers and study accordingly.

  1. Keep writing

As UPSC exams demands more speed in writing, aspirants must write on a daily basis. It would foster their speed, enhances vocabulary, and would help in recalling more words while writing for the main exam. Pick up any topic and start writing . First, you would have some difficulty but it’s worthwhile. This would ease up your writing process and you would not fall short of words. Also it will polish the quality of your content and will surely help you to get good scores..

  1. Read toppers interview

What strategies made them a topper? What methods they adopted? How did they manage the most hectic phase of their life?

These questions surely come up in your mind to know how exactly they dealt with the preparation thing. In today’s time toppers interviews are available online. Listening to them would make you feel motivated and would inform you about their strategies, way of preparation, and will clear all your doubts. Also, it briefs you about the latest updates regarding syllabus and new pattern of the question papers. It is obviously going to make your preparation more operative and will tell you if you are in the right direction or not.

  1. Stay motivated

It’s a whole long journey from the beginning till exam. Motivation comes from the reason; reason why you have chose civil services your dream. Motivation brings out the grit and determination in you. When you feel motivated you will undoubtedly go across your barriers and make it happen. Motivation should come from inside. There will be obstacles during the process of preparation, but it’s you whose stubbornness and passion will make you go far, strongly and confidently.

All the best! Team !!

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